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Homebuilding Process

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Listening, Communication, and Customer Service

Since 1996, Jay Nix Homes has developed strong standing relationships with the areas most skilled craftsman and trade contractors, supported by a team of knowledgeable vendors and material suppliers. All of whom have a passion to excel and deliver the best products possible.

Throughout the whole building process, you will work directly with Jay Nix to determine all the details and specifications associated with the completion of your new home. Jay Nix enjoys a hands on approach to custom homebuilding, listening to the your visions and wishes, and ensuring that this vision becomes reality. Strong communication and listening skills, a commitment to excellence, and a passion to exceed the your expectations, allows Jay Nix Homes to deliver a finely crafted home and an enjoyable building experience to the client.

The Building Process

Pre-Construction / Plan Design: Jay Nix Homes has relationships with some of the best designers the area has to offer. The client will meet with Jay Nix and the designer to start the design process and is encouraged to bring ideas regarding general floor plan layout. Next, the plan designer will work with the client to develop a unique custom design that meets the client’s vision for the home. While the plan is being designed Jay Nix will assist the client in determining how design elements could affect the overall cost of the project. Any neighborhood architectural requirements are addressed and incorporated into the design at this time. The development of a site plan is also completed at this time to make sure the home design properly fits the lot, meeting all local code and setback requirements.

Pre-Construction / Cost Estimating: Once the building plans are complete, it is time to determine the budget for the project. This is an important phase because the “cost foundation” for the project is determined at this time. In this phase, the client will work directly with Jay Nix to determine the costs associated with the home - from the foundation all the way through completion. There are some items - floor coverings, tile, landscaping, electrical fixtures, etc. - where the client will not know the exact final selection. These items are identified as an Allowance within the cost estimate. This will afford the client more time to make final selections, while allowing the Total Contract Price to be determined. These costs are then converted to a specifications document (part of the contract documents) in which every detail about the home is specified – right down to the type and size nail to be used in construction. Once the specification document is complete, the client and Jay Nix will review the specifications making any necessary revisions based on the client’s vision for the project. From this process, the Total Contract Price is determined with Allowance items included. While the costs are being determined, the client is usually in the process of securing financing for the project.

Contract Documents: The Contract Documents consist of the building plans, the specifications, the warranty, and the contract. When the client initially meets with Jay Nix they will be provided an example copy of these documents, allowing the client time to review and consider. Once the specifications and associated costs are finalized, it is time to sign the contract documents. After signing the client is provided an original of each document.

Construction Phase: Once the contract documents are signed and financing is secured, the actual fun part of building a home begins. A short permitting process is followed by actual construction. While under construction the client will have on site meetings with Jay Nix to discuss in detail the work completed at that point, the work to follow, while also working on any details and final selections that need to be made. For the out of town client, the project is managed through conference calls and pictures of work in process are provided. Routinely, the out of town client will come to Wilmington at pre-selected stages of construction. During these visits the client meets with Jay Nix and is briefed on all aspects of the project. Final selections appropriate to upcoming phases of construction are also determined during these visits. As the home is built changes can be can be made. However, once the plans and any required engineering have been completed, permitting obtained, a change could be costly. A change could require more design work, re-approval by architectural control committees, or re-approval by the building inspections department. Changes of this nature can cause delays in construction causing a loss of momentum in the construction process. The client is encouraged to take complete advantage of the plan design process and cost estimating process ensuring that the design of the home serves and meets the client’s vision.

If a change is required, all aspects of the change will be documented via a Change Order which is approved by the client. The client will know upfront, all costs associated with the Change Order and what the terms will be.

New Home Orientation / Walk Thru: At the close of construction, Jay Nix Homes will meet with the Owner to demonstrate all features of the home, ensuring that you understand how to operate, enjoy, and maintain your home. We will review water shut off locations, appliance operation, etc., going through the home room by room. If the client has any concerns at this time we will address them before settlement.

Customer Service: Jay Nix Homes provides a 1 year Builder Warranty on your new home. During the 11th month, Jay Nix Homes will return to correct any areas of settlement in the drywall and interior trim as well as to address any other warranty concerns the Owner may have. Warranty items can usually be addressed in two days.

Thank you for considering Jay Nix Homes. A timeless tradition of Excellence is our foundation!!

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